Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swami Haridas and Sri Gnanananda Seva Samajam

In order to consolidate and coordinate the various activities so far being done, Shri Swami Haridas has started Sri Gnanananda Seva Samajam at the instance of the devotees and with the blessings of his Guru. The Seva Samajam is a registered Trust at No. 26, Lloyds Road, Madras - 6) with Sri Swami Haridas* ( Swami Haridoss has since then attained Jala Samadhi in 1994.) as the Managing Trustee and four others as trustees. The main objects of the Samajam are the dissemination of knowledge, education and culture of Indian Philosophy through Institutions, lectures, seminars, bhajans and namasankeertans, melahs and through publication of religious works and journals and also running libraries, orphanages, medical centres etc Swami Haridas has been highly blessed by the Great Guru Shri Gnanananda Giri after severe tests and has been commanded to take up this service of spreading Bhakti among the people all over the country. His devotion to the Guru is unique and he swears that whatever he says is because of the Grace of the Guru who inspires him then and there to say and sing. The Message he got from the Guru is: ‘When people praise you much do not become egoistic but ignore them in all humility: And do not be worried about the insults thrown at you likewise. Then you will sett1e down well". This is equally a message to us all. To see such a Great Guru is to know Him: to know Him is to know God. For God and Guru are one and the same.

Ten Commandments of : SATGURU BHAGAVAN

Be active; but Not impatient
Be patient; but Not indolent
Be economic; but Not stingy
Be loving ; but Not slavish
Be merciful ; but Wakeful; do not be deceived
Give liberally; but Do not become a pauper
Be a hero; but Not a (Nero) villain
Seek the good ; but Do not hate others
Live in the family; but Be not infatuated with lust
Be unattached ; but Do not run to the forest

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